About me


i’m a (product) designer currently based in london. i grew up in india, then flew across the ocean to California to pursue a degree in product design at stanford (’12),  and finally moved to london to complete an MA at the RCA (’14).

i enjoy working with craft, and exploring its evolution, finding ways to blend eastern and western cultures. i blame the bay area for my interest in business and strategy.  i’m a syneshtete and so am pretty obsessed with colour. I have a fondness for blowtorches as well. i usually end up making big messes.

feel free to contact me for more information about my work.

exhibitions and other stuff i’ve been up to

showing reweave at the great recovery – Victoria & Albert museum, September 2014
bigsmall show 2014 –  London, September 2014
sight unseen & L’ArcoBaleno cover my work at the big small show

MoOD exhibition, along with Global Colour Research –  Brussels, September 2014
feast automata, in-store Fortnum and Mason exhibition – September – October 2014
construct-de-construct, Droog Hotel – July-August 2014
show RCA 2014 – my final graduation show – June 2014 – January 2014